Why Are Beads Necessary For Chanting The Holy Name?

Why Are Beads Necessary For Chanting The Holy Name?

If we chant His Holy Name without the beads, will it be less effective? Will it also be good if we continuously chant in our mind at any place and at any time?

The answer to these questions is that only a highly advanced self-realized devotee can continuously chant the holy names of God within his mind in all times and places. To reach that stage disciplined, regulated chanting is required. We are in neophyte stage & the great acharyas have instructed us to regularly chant the Lord's holy names on japa beads.

Lord Chaitanya although the supreme personality of Godhead, himself used to chant on beads.  Namacharya Srila Haridas Thakur would unfailingly chant 300,000 names of the Lord each day. He too chanted on beads.  If we want to awaken the dormant love of God within our hearts, we must follow the pathway chalked out by the Lord and the great acharyas.What to speak of us – new comers???

Japa mala is used to count mantras with devotion. It is essential to count on beads. It will make us responsible. It will ensure that we chanted the needed amount of rounds daily.

Especially when we chant alone, it is best to chant on japa beads. This not only helps you fix your attention on the holy name, but it also helps you count the number of times you chant the mantra daily. 

Chanting on our personal beads is the most powerful way for us to connect with Krishna or God.

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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