Why Chant on Tulsi Beads?

Why Chant On Tulsi Beads?

The different effects of beads on the chanter are as follows:

One who chants on gold, silver or copper beads gets a long life.

One who chants on golden beads will get all his material desires fulfilled. 

One who chants on saffron, lotus seed or sandalwood beads gets ability to magnetite.

One who chants on Rudraksha or bone beads gets the ability to tame others by forceful means.

One who chants on crystal, pearl, shell or conchgets the ability to clear away obstacles like illness, bad karma and mental disturbances.

One who chants on neem beads become healthy.

But one who chants in Tulasi beads will achieve love for Godhead. He will transcend the material miseries and achieve life of eternity, full of knowledge & full of bliss with the supreme Lord. The simple reason of such a purifying effect is that Tulasi Maharani is very dear to Krishna. She engages us in Krishna prema. Tulasi helps us chant nicely. Just the touch of Tulasi purifies the mind and body.

Hence, Krishna devotees chant on Tulasi beads. Devotees also wear Tulasi kanthimalas or neck beads. Devotees sit before Tulsi while chanting japa rounds.

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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