Is There Any Transcendental Power in This Mantra?

Is There Any Transcendental Power In This Mantra?

It may be somewhat surprising for the average Westerner to hear about the power within the vibrations of mantras, but the potency is real. For example, any numerologist will tell you that by associating with particular sound vibrations one becomes influenced by them.

According to the predominant types of sound vibration people associate with through T.V. and radio, or in reading articles in magazines and newspapers, they become attracted to certain things or drawn towards certain viewpoints. When television shows, songs on the radio, stories in magazines, and advertising everywhere propagates the concern for temporary sense pleasure, then people lose their interest in their spiritual goal of life. They simply become absorbed in the mundane thoughts of whatever type of sound vibration that enters their consciousness.

The mind is especially affected by the kind of sound energy it picks up or tunes into. By chanting the Hare Krishna mantra, it helps re-direct the minds attention to Krishna, and

our loving relationship with Him. The soul by nature already loves Krishna, but that relationship has been covered over by the material energy. The spiritual potency of the Hare Krishna mantra can help us to revive that eternal love for the Lord. This is the power of transcendental sound vibrations.

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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