Japa Talk by Radhe Shyam Prabhu

Absorbe Yourself in Holy Name Wholeday – 2006-03-21.mp3
Absorbing in holy names with the help of Acaryas prayers – 2010-12-12.mp3
Absorption in Pastimes – 2007-08-23.mp3
Absorption key for chanting Holyname.mp3
Accesssing Krishna's mercy – 2009-03-30.mp3
Action of Mind as per Asociation – 2008-04-06.mp3
Adequacy and Insecurity are two diseases – 2008-12-03.mp3
Advancement in Krishna consciousness depends on the attitude of the follower – 2009-07-21.mp3
Allow Holyname to purify by stoping Sense Gratification – 2007-06-12.mp3
All Devouring time-Seriously take the medicine of holyname – 2011-03-08.mp3
All that is needed is some Receptivity – 2012-07-14.mp3
All Vedas give Same Essence – 2008-04-27.mp3
Antarang satsang and its importance in Chanting the Holyname – 2012-01-14.mp3
An Invisible Protecting Shield – 2010-02-02.mp3
Aparent sufferings are blessings for a progressive devotee – 2009-07-29.mp3
Appreciate mercy of Holy Name – 2006-10-12.mp3
Approach Shakti with a Desire to serve the Shaktimaan but not to become Shaktimaan – 2011-12-05.mp3
Approach the Holyname in mood of Improving – 2007-10-02.mp3
Art of becoming a free from all anxieites – 2010-06-27.mp3
Atmaramas and Indrya ramas – 2006-09-06.mp3
Attention Awareness and Absorbtion and for Chanting Holyname – 2007-10-03.mp3
Attitude in Approaching Holyname – 2008-02-05.mp3
Attitude Of Holy Name Worshipers – 2006-09-07.mp3
Attracting Mercy of Lord – 2006-02-01.mp3
Attraction to the Holy name is important for paying attention – 2011-08-06.mp3
Austerity of mind – 2010-10-04.mp3
Awakening to Reality – 2009-05-20.mp3
Background meditation necessary for seeing Krishna in trance – 2009-09-15.mp3
Become a Japa Scientist – 2009-04-24.mp3
Becoming materially aspiringless – 2007-01-13.mp3
Becoming Shameless to Beg Mercy – 2005-02-11.mp3
Best if the beggars gets the Mercy – 2006-06-10.mp3
Beware of Offences against Holyname – 2009-06-10.mp3
Beyond Space and Time – 2007-12-03.mp3
Be Patient-Success in Krishna Consciousness is very difficult – 2007-08-30.mp3
Be Serious-Chant while you can – 2007-08-25.mp3
Bhagavan Ram ke divya Guna – 2009-04-03.mp3
Bhaktavatsala Lord – 2009-05-08.mp3
Bhakti alone satisfies the Supreme Lord not the Secondary Processes – 2012-07-28.mp3
Bhakti is fully independent unlike the other processes – 2012-07-27.mp3
Bhakti is Internal and surpasses Varnashrama Dharma – 2012-07-30.mp3
Bhakti is not a Mental Adjustment but a Spiritual Awakening – 2012-07-03.mp3
Bhakti is the most Simplest Process – 2007-12-02.mp3
Bhakti Path is the Easiest Safest and Surest Path to Godhead – 2012-07-29.mp3
Bhakti Sagar Vs Samsar Sagar – 2012-05-02.mp3
Bhoga vrittiim pedment for Chanting – 2007-01-09.mp3
Bhuddhi should end in Bhakti – 2007-07-16.mp3
Boat of Sound – 2007-11-29.mp3
Body is the temple of God install Holyname to make it auspicious – 2011-05-25.mp3
By the mercy of Spiritual Master one gets Holy Name – 2006-04-04.mp3
Calling of Holy Name Attracts Lord – 2006-01-22.mp3
Call Lord Desperatly – 2007-01-25.mp3
Call out Holyname Unpretentiously – 2009-04-22.mp3
Calm mind means free from critical tendencies – 2010-11-30.mp3
Can Krishna's Appearance drive away the Swine flue – 2009-08-14.mp3
Cause of Distraction of mind – 2006-05-23.mp3
Chanting-01 – 2003-12-05.mp3
Chanting-Culmination of all Activities – 2007-05-09.mp3
Chanting awakens one's real identity – 2008-02-02.mp3
Chanting done with prayerful attitude will be effective – 2007-09-01.mp3
Chanting holyname in Worshipful and Prayerful mood – 2009-12-19.mp3
Chanting is for Pleasing Krishna – 2006-05-30.mp3
Chanting Mantain Purity – 2006-03-01.mp3
Chanting means hearing Youself – 2009-02-24.mp3
Chanting of Holyname must be done in Rememberance of Krishna.mp3
Chanting the Holyname.mp3
Chanting With Attention and knowledge – 2006-01-19.mp3
Chanting with Power – 2006-03-02.mp3
Chant Repeatedly and Chant Constantly – 2011-02-06.mp3
Chant to attract attention of Jealous Lover – 2009-05-17.mp3
Chant unpretentiously Honstely and Humbly – 2007-02-17.mp3
Chant with right motive – 2009-05-22.mp3
Choose yourself-Artha or Anartha – 2010-02-10.mp3
Clean up the heart and then call out the holyname – 2011-04-09.mp3
Coming out of Wrong Tendencies – 2007-08-17.mp3
Complete Dependance – 2007-05-10.mp3
Conciousness of a Devotee – 2011-08-21.mp3
Confession and Repentence-Through only Remeady – 2006-05-21.mp3
Confusion and Bewilderment can be completely vanquished when one chants the Holyname attentively – 2012-03-07.mp3
Conquering maya by surrender to Guru – 2010-03-18.mp3
Constantly Repent to Chant Holyname – 2007-02-19.mp3
Constant Chanting is the Solution to all the Problems – 2007-12-12.mp3
Controling Mind and Senses – 2008-01-31.mp3
Controlling Mind – 2008-09-22 Shantipur.mp3
Controlling the mind – 2009-04-20.mp3
Conviction and Purity Essential needs to Chant Holyname – 2007-03-07.mp3
Convince the mind to chant Holyname – 2007-10-31.mp3
Correct Disposition – 2006-05-24.mp3
Count Collect and Remember the Holyname – 2007-07-15.mp3
Criticism of Devotees-Biggest hurdle in feverntly taking shelter of Holy Name – 2006-05-20.mp3
Culmination of Knowledge is Holyname – 2006-10-16.mp3
Cultivate Sincere Desires you will get Service attitude – 2006-11-05.mp3
Cutting the Material Knots – 2009-09-13.mp3
Danger at every step remember death always – 2007-07-22.mp3
Death blow to the Kali – 2011-09-03.mp3
Deeper understanding of the third Offence – 2008-02-14.mp3
Developing Prayerful Mood.mp3
Development of our Devotional Service.mp3
Develop Consciousness before seeing Krishna – 2006-09-04.mp3
Develop feelings for Krishna knowing that he is the only Shelter – 2012-02-22.mp3
Develop Genuine faith in the glories of Holyname – 2009-04-26.mp3
Devotees Life every activity should be Spiritual – 2008-03-20.mp3
Devotees Polestar – 2007-12-21.mp3
Devotee is after Service and not after Ecstacy – 2010-03-20.mp3
Devotee is Characteristiced by chanting Holyname and Serving – 2007-11-28.mp3
Devotee should feel helpless – 2008-01-16.mp3
Devotion to Krishna is the topmost precious thing – 2007-10-26.mp3
Difference between Hearing and Listening to the holy name – 2012-04-07.mp3
Different Prayer to be Offered before Chanting – 2008-04-03.mp3
Direct people to the Real Shelter- 2009-08-03.mp3
Disappearance Day of Srila Rupa Gaswami – 2009-08-21.mp3
Disease of Heart Envy-01 – 2006-05-31.mp3
Disease of Heart Envy-02 – 2006-06-01.mp3
Distracted Ears and Roaming Eyes – 2011-08-20.mp3
Does god have bad side too – 2011-03-11.mp3
Doing some extra to get mercy of Lord.mp3
Don't become Lazy Become Serious and Sincere in Krishna Consciousness – 2011-08-01.mp3
Don't chant nonsense – 2011-02-04.mp3
Don't drink poison knowingly – 2007-04-13.mp3
Don't imagine yourself as Pure Devotee – 2007-01-18.mp3
Dont be official chanter – 2007-10-30.mp3
Dont do Athletic Chanting – 2006-05-05.mp3
Dont try to get rid of Krishna – 2006-12-13.mp3
Dont try to see Krishna – 2006-12-08.mp3
Do not worry chant once Hari – 2007-07-21.mp3
Eagerness for Spiritual Knowledge – 2008-04-10.mp3
Easy Process Difficult to Apply – 2009-02-25.mp3
Easy way than extraneous endeavor to advance in Krishna Consciousness – 2010-09-05.mp3
Effects of Sound Vibration on Different Levels – 2009-08-17.mp3
Effect of Maya wanes out in the higher stages of Bhakti – 2012-07-02.mp3
Elevating Consciousess – 2006-03-31 Mathura.mp3
Elevation to Krishna Consciousness – 2007-05-17.mp3
Energy flows where intention goes – 2010-09-11.mp3
Engaging Mind and Intelligence into Holyname – 2009-12-09.mp3
Even one holy name is Sufficient – 2007-08-29.mp3
Everyone is given field of action but has Freedom – 2008-02-08.mp3
Everything comes through Holyname – 2008-04-16.mp3
Every thing just for developing taste for Holyname – 2007-07-01.mp3
Expect no Respect – 2009-05-15.mp3
Faith-The Priceless Jewel – 2006-05-29.mp3
Faith in Glories of Holyname of Lord – 2010-02-20.mp3
Faith in Spiritual Truths (On Chanting).mp3
Faith is fuel in progress – 2007-05-03.mp3
First be convinced of basic truth – 2007-07-06.mp3
Five principles for enhancing our utterance of the Holy name – 2011-07-23.mp3
Forgetfull of Real Nature – 2009-03-05.mp3
Forgetfulness of Lord due to not accepting Lord's Instructions – 2009-11-23.mp3
For any problem check your Japa – 2009-05-16.mp3
Four Qualities required for Chanting the Holyname Constantly – 2011-12-02.mp3
Four Qualities to attract Krishnas mercy – 2007-07-17.mp3
From Graam to Dhaam through Naam – 2011-07-24.mp3
From sound vibration to person realization – 2007-02-06.mp3
Get out of Precarious Situation – 2009-04-28.mp3
Gift of God – 2009-05-09.mp3
Gigantic universe situated at Krishna's beautiful lotus feet – 2010-09-17.mp3
Give time to Holyname – 2009-02-26.mp3
Give up bodily Consciousness – 2008-03-29.mp3
Give up Material Pleasure – 2006-12-12.mp3
Give up plan making while Chanting – 2010-09-12.mp3
Glories of Lord Rama – 2008-04-14.mp3
Going beyond Space and Time – 2006-12-14.mp3
Good and Bad are connected by Impure Mind – 2009-07-22.mp3
Greatest mercy of Lords Pure Devotees – 2006-08-11.mp3
Greatest of the Contradictions are resolved by Krishna – 2007-12-10.mp3
Greatest Personality pleased by simplest Offering – 2008-01-04.mp3
Great Sacrifices – 2008-08-23.mp3
Greed for Krishna-The secret key of Devotional Service – 2011-03-10.mp3
Hare Krishna is our Siddha Pranali Mantra – 2007-08-05.mp3
Hear your Chanting – 2009-03-04.mp3
Hidden wealth of a Vaishnava – 2010-03-18.mp3
Hold on to Holyname – 2010-11-13.mp3
Holyname-Awakening the Original Consciousness – 2007-03-31.mp3
Holyname-Fully independent and potent guide of sincere chanter – 2010-02-09.mp3
Holyname-Solution to all Problems – 2007-03-04.mp3
Holyname-Transformer of Heart – 2007-03-31.mp3
Holynames on Material and Spiritual Worlds – 2009-02-19.mp3
Holyname and Controlling Senses – 2007-04-01.mp3
Holyname and krishna one of the same – 2008-09-23 Shantipur.mp3
Holyname a Powerful Vaccine – 2010-11-08.mp3
Holyname brings us closer to Krishna – 2009-03-12.mp3
Holyname can free us from all Lamentation – 2007-10-08.mp3
Holyname Consciousness in services matters a lot in preparing for chanting.mp3
Holyname eradicates disease even without our knowledge – 2010-09-14.mp3
Holyname gives life – 2009-09-14.mp3
Holyname has purified Great Personalities – 2007-01-24.mp3
Holyname is the Best of 14 Planetrary System – 2008-04-02.mp3
Holyname is the only Way – 2008-02-07.mp3
Holyname is Transdental – 2007-12-13.mp3
Holyname Key to Spiritual World – 2007-04-13.mp3
Holyname reveles proposnate to faith – 2007-01-10.mp3
Holy Name Cleanses the heart – 2011-11-19.mp3
Holy Name is doing the tuffest task for us – 2006-05-11.mp3
Holy Name is Sanjivani-Gives life to Dead.mp3
Holy Name is the only Protector – 2006-05-19.mp3
How can we avoid perceiving the Holy Name to be material – 2011-11-29.mp3
How does the bhakti increase in the heart of the Jiva – 2012-07-12.mp3
How to reach Perfection – 2008-01-20.mp3
How to see Krishna in this world – 2011-04-10.mp3
How Vrindadevi was smiling when Krishnas Queens were lamenting after his departure to his Spiritual Abode – 2012-01-18.mp3
Identifying immediate circumustance and forgetting our position in Transendance – 2009-08-13.mp3
If we do not glorify Lord we may offend him – 2011-09-04.mp3
Illusary Intoxication of Proprietorship – 2007-07-18.mp3
Impediment of material piety – 2007-05-11.mp3
Importance of Concentration in Japa Utkarsh – 2012-07-22.mp3
Importance of knowing Smabandha Gyan in quality Chanting – 2011-03-12.mp3
Importance of knowing the meaning of Ten offences – 2009-09-09.mp3
Importance of Patience before Revealation in Spiritual Life – 2012-04-03.mp3
Important or Insignificant – 2006-06-11.mp3
Improvement of Chanting is improvement of Vaishnava behaviour – 2007-03-09.mp3
Improve our Attentiveness in the Chanting of Holy Name.mp3
Improving our Chanting.mp3
Impure Chanting and Pure Chanting – 2009-07-26.mp3
Inspirational talk for Geeta Dan – 2008-11-19.mp3
Installing Radha Krishna on the throne of our heart – 2006-07-05.mp3
Internalising our Consciousness – 2008-01-30.mp3
Intoxicating the poisonous serpent of senses by Holy name – 2006-05-08.mp3
I am safe in the hands of Krishna – 2006-02-13.mp3
Janmastami-Give heart to Krishna – 2007-09-03.mp3
Janmastami Japa Talk – 2006-08-16.mp3
Jiva-Not the Part and Parcel of matter but of the Spiritual world – 2011-10-19.mp3
Just take Shelter of Holy Name – 2007-02-14.mp3
Keep your heart clean – 2010-11-10.mp3
Knowledge without faith is useless on Chanting.mp3
Know the Glory of Liberated State – 2005-12-21.mp3
Know the Value of Holyname – 2006-08-19.mp3
Krishna's Compasion upon his Dear Devotees – 2008-05-05.mp3
Krishna-The most Holy One – 2010-07-11.mp3
Krishna and his Devotees are never separated – 2007-09-18.mp3
Krishna conquered by humble devotion and not by Personal Prowess Or Austerity.mp3
Krishna Consciousness is movement after movement choice – 2007-03-10.mp3
Krishna is not just a law giver but also a love giver – 2011-12-20.mp3
Krishna makes path of his devotees easy – 2007-09-30.mp3
Kshana Sangena Sadhushu – 2010-03-16.mp3
Latest Anti Virus for Mind – 2010-02-01.mp3
Learn Commit and Do – 2012-07-01.mp3
Lets go beyond darkness.mp3
Let Us Know the Greatness of Lord – 2005-12-16.mp3
Levels of Consciousness in Chanting – 2007-05-16.mp3
Lifes of Great Vaishnavas – 2007-01-17.mp3
Life means attention – 2010-09-14.mp3
Look Does Matter – 2006-02-28.mp3
Lords Pastimes are Inconcievable – 2009-03-11.mp3
Lord in heart Guru above heart clean mind clear – 2006-04-11.mp3
Lord is fully Inconcievable – 2010-03-17.mp3
Lord is the Seer and we are the Seen – 2011-12-19.mp3
Lower and higher principles towards approaching the Holy name – 2011-07-22.mp3
Magic Wand that transforms Crazy Man into Godly Man – 2009-04-25.mp3
Material and Spiritual Sounds.mp3
Material and Spiritual Sounds – 2006-04-09.mp3
Material aphivels are wake up calls of Krishna – 2007-07-30.mp3
Material world is a Complex maze – 2008-02-03.mp3
Mechanism of how the mechanical senses be Spiritualized – 2012-07-04.mp3
Miseries are wake up calls – 2011-01-25.mp3
Misfortune of Material Opulence – 2007-09-17.mp3
Misuse and Right use of Intelligence and Religion – 2011-09-17.mp3
Mood of celebrating Rama Navami – 2006-04-06.mp3
Mood of Prayer – 2003-06-03.mp3
Most safest of all shelters Srimati Radharani – 2006-09-01.mp3
Mystic of mantras – 2007-07-02.mp3
Nature of Mind – 2008-04-07.mp3
Nature of the devotees – 2011-07-21.mp3
Necessary Requirement-Calm Mind – 2008-01-15.mp3
Never fear Holyname is there – 2007-07-07.mp3
No Absorption in Holy Name is watering the weeds – 2006-12-24.mp3
No Attraction without Appreciation – 2007-12-28.mp3
No Krishna without intense eagerness and endeavor.mp3
No reformation without focused endeavor – 2007-05-29.mp3
Offenseless Chanting can wind up Material Existence – 2007-12-14.mp3
Offensive heart check transcendental sound to enter in heart – 2007-06-28.mp3
Offering Prayer to Lord – 2008-04-04.mp3
Offer Lamp of love to Lord – 2010-11-05.mp3
Ones Spiritual Life depends on his Determinations – 2009-02-12.mp3
One must attentive while chanting – 2008-09-24 Shantipur.mp3
One Process Bhakti one goal Krishna Prema – 2012-08-07.mp3
One should approach holy name with respect and regularly – 2006-05-05.mp3
One should feel the want for Krishna – 2006-05-03.mp3
One stroke method – 2009-04-23.mp3
One stroke solution to all Ten Offences – 2009-01-12.mp3
One who Speaks Lives and Serves the truth will become Immortal – 2012-06-05.mp3
One Yajna That Surpasses all other Yajnas – 2012-05-04.mp3
On the day leaving to America – 2008-06-23.mp3
Our anarthas come as inteferance in chanting so dont aggravate them – 2006-08-23.mp3
Over Coming being in different to the Holy Name – 2006-02-14.mp3
Over coming three modes of material nature by Austerity – 2007-08-10.mp3
Panatia to all the Problems – 2007-06-14.mp3
Param Hansa – 2007-09-02.mp3
Pastimes of Krishna for Radharani – 2008-04-26.mp3
Path of Grace – 2009-04-21.mp3
Perceiving the Holiness of the Holyname – 2011-12-27.mp3
Perfection of Lamentation – 2009-12-01.mp3
Perfect Surrender and Perfect Obedience – 2009-11-22.mp3
Petition to President to get out of Jail – 2007-07-08.mp3
Please Krishna do not use Krishna – 2010-04-13.mp3
Poison to Nectar – 2008-01-21.mp3
Power of Association of Vaishnavas – 2010-11-09.mp3
Power of Sight and Sound – 2009-04-27.mp3
Power of the Holy name – 2011-08-04.mp3
Practical tips for proper Chanting and waking sleeping Devotees in Japa – 2007-08-29.mp3
Prayers for Spiritual Excitement – 2009-07-11.mp3
Prayers of Sadhaka – 2006-05-16.mp3
Prayers of Sanat Kumars – 2007-05-06.mp3
Prayers to Lord Balaram – 2007-08-28.mp3
Prayers to the Supreme Protector – 2006-05-12.mp3
Prayer full mood while Chanting – 2008-12-17.mp3
Pray for Krishna's mercy – 2010-02-12.mp3
Pray to krishna and your mind – 2006-04-05.mp3
Pre-Requisite for taking shelter – 2011-08-09.mp3
Prem dhan bina vyartha daridra Jivan – 2010-11-01.mp3
Progress in bhakti is made swifter by Chanting in Namabhasa – 2012-08-05.mp3
Protective mercy of Magnanimous Avatara – 2009-08-16.mp3
Pure Devotee pity on Impersonalists – 2009-09-10.mp3
Q&A Between Ramanand Rai and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu – 2006-05-18.mp3
Qualifications to win the heart of Krishna – 2009-03-28.mp3
Ramnavami Festival – 2011-04-12.mp3
Real Mahawakya – 2011-01-06.mp3
Real Preaching is distributing the Holy Name – 2012-07-06.mp3
Receiving the Mercy – 2007-08-04.mp3
Regularity and consistancy in chanting – 2008-09-25 Shantipur.mp3
Removing anartha in our Heart – 2008-03-05.mp3
Removing One Thorn With Another Thorn – 2005-12-22.mp3
Rescuing the ant from fire on both sides – 2009-04-19.mp3
Resolving Contradictions – 2005-05-06.mp3
Resolving Contradictions – 2006-05-02.mp3
Respecting Devotees is much to do with Japa – 2005-12-20.mp3
Respecting the Holyname – 2009-01-28.mp3
Revealtion of the Greatest Knowledge – 2007-01-16.mp3
Revelations are not possible unless we are muture and purified – 2006-11-08.mp3
Right Attitude in facing painful situations to gain shelter of Holy Name – 2012-04-04.mp3
Right attitude required for realising Krishna – 2011-11-28.mp3
Right attitude towards Holy Name comes from understanding its value – 2011-10-18.mp3
Right Conceptions and mood is needed to chant Holyname – 2007-01-29.mp3
Right Consciousness for Chanting – 2009-05-11.mp3
Right Understanding and Right Motivation – 2006-03-12.mp3
Roaring of Lion in Jungle – 2007-07-14.mp3
Sankirtan Yagna is dharms for Kaliyuga – 2006-04-30.mp3
Save yourself from the Jaws of Death by Remembering your only Friend.mp3
Seaseless Prayer – 2009-09-17.mp3
Second Offence – 2006-03-22.mp3
Secrets for Chanting – 2006-12-10.mp3
Secrets for Chanting Hare Krishna – 2006-12-10.mp3
Secret behind Mahaprabhus Appearance Day – 2010-02-28.mp3
Secret for getting Real Happiness – 2009-02-11.mp3
Secret for progressive march on the path of Bhakti – 2009-01-12.mp3
Seeing Krishna in the Holyname – 2012-01-06.mp3
Seek shelter of the Lord – 2006-03-18.mp3
Selfish heart cannot Chant Krishnas name – 2007-08-01.mp3
Sense Gratification is Biggest Obstracle – 2006-03-18.mp3
Sense of belonging and dependence is necessary to call out the holyname – 2010-11-14.mp3
Serve to see the Lord – 2006-11-13.mp3
Servitorship Pridelessness and Attentiveness can bestow great progress in Chanting – 2011-12-03.mp3
Seven Benefits of Chanting Holy Name – 2006-02-09.mp3
Simple and Grateful heart for Chanting Holyname – 2007-03-05.mp3
Sincere Desire and Sincere Prayers needed for Chanting Properly – 2011-05-01.mp3
Situating ourselves in constitutional position – 2006-05-17.mp3
Spiritual and Material Anxiety – 2007-07-25.mp3
Spirit of Chanting – 2008-01-20.mp3
Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu-Father of Sankirtan Moment – 2006-06-05.mp3
Stop engaging Senses in Gratification – 2009-05-10.mp3
Subduing the serpent like senses by Chanting – 2009-04-18.mp3
Suffering due to forgetfulness of Holyname – 2009-12-02.mp3
Supersoul cleanses the Anarthas in the heart of the devotee by attentive and prayerful chanting – 2011-03-09.mp3
Surrender to Krishna Conquer Maya – 2007-08-19.mp3
Sweetes of all-The Holyname – 2006-06-07.mp3
Take Shastric injunctions of Krishna Personally – 2011-12-04.mp3
Taking every thing with Right Spirit – 2006-05-15.mp3
Taking mercy of Guru for Chanting Holy name – 2006-12-07.mp3
Taking shelter of Krishna – 2009-03-09.mp3
Taking shelter of Krishna in Real Sense – 2010-09-02.mp3
Taking Shelter of Nityanand Prabhu – 2010-02-06.mp3
Teaching of lord Chaitanya – 2008-03-22.mp3
Ten Offences against Holyname – 2009-07-05.mp3
There is no second way – 2011-03-22.mp3
The descending Bhava and the method to attract the mercy – 2011-11-30.mp3
The fruit of Exclusive Surrender – 2009-08-19.mp3
The Greatest favour – 2009-12-22.mp3
The highest welfare activity – 2009-09-13.mp3
The Meaning of Bha ga and va in Bhagavan – 2012-01-13.mp3
The price to undestand Holy Name – 2006-10-24.mp3
The Real impurity in the mind is mastership mentality – 2011-09-18.mp3
The Reasons for the mind getting distracted while Chanting – 2012-02-27.mp3
The Reason for the mind getting distracted while chanting the Holyname – 2012-02-26.mp3
The Role of Repentance and Penance in calling out the Holy Name – 2011-09-21.mp3
The Sucess Formula – 2008-12-18.mp3
The Supreme instructions brings about transformation – 2011-05-24.mp3
The Supreme Medicine – 2012-05-03.mp3
The two 'D's that keep us away from Revelance of Krishna – 2011-11-27.mp3
The Ultimate Solution to all – 2007-05-08.mp3
The way of Perfection – 2006-12-16.mp3
Thick Covering for Chanting – 2006-12-09.mp3
Thick covering for Chanting Hare Krishna – 2006-12-09.mp3
Thinking feeling and willing for holyname – 2011-01-20.mp3
Three Characteristics of a Pure Devotee – 2008-03-26.mp3
Three Secrets for Quality Chanting – 2008-05-07.mp3
Three types of hearers – 2011-08-17.mp3
Three ways to develop thirst for Krishna – 2010-09-19.mp3
Tolorant like a tree – 2007-01-22.mp3
Topmost of topmost devotees – 2010-09-15.mp3
To Chant attently one must have purity – 2006-05-06.mp3
Transcending death By chanting Holy name – 2006-12-15.mp3
Understanding the Nature of Mind – 2008-02-06.mp3
Understanding the rarety of the Precious Gift of Holyname – 2005-12-20.mp3
Vandanam-Learning to Offer Prayers.mp3
Vedic knowledge-Most secret although publically available – 2010-02-03.mp3
Wake up call for the soul – 2009-03-29.mp3
We are Cruel not Krishna – 2007-07-09.mp3
We can chant the Holy name only when we respect every living entity – 2011-07-20.mp3
We should know Krishna is every where – 2007-08-31.mp3
We Should Know with What Intension we Should Chant Holy Name – 2006-03-28.mp3
We should remain in contact with sat – 2011-12-25.mp3
We should Surender to Holyname – 2008-04-03.mp3
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