Why use Japa bag?

Why Use Japa Bag?

Japa bags should be made of cotton or silk rather than synthetic fabrics. Your japa beads and bag should be personal, rather than shared with another person. Today, bags come in a variety of sizes, colors and prints, so keeping track of your bag should be easy. It's better to keep beads in their bag rather than hanging them up on the wall or wearing them, as this protects them from dirt and damage. It's best to not use your bead bag to carry other items (keys, money, other paraphernalia) unless your bead bag has a special pouch on the outside for that purpose. Even then, remember that Srimate Tulasi-devi is present, and should receive all respects. Be careful not to let the beads touch anything, especially the floor. Always keep your japa bag clean and in good repair, and make sure that the bag is big enough to accommodate your beads, so they don't keep falling out.

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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