03 The meaning of the name “Krsna”

The Meaning Of The Name “Krsna”

The meaning of the name "Krsna":

The name Krsna means "all−attractive." God attracts everyone; that is the definition of "God." We have seen many pictures of Krsna, and we see that He attracts the cows, calves, birds, beasts, trees, plants, and even the water in Vrndavana. He is attractive to the cowherd boys, to the gopis, to Nanda Maharaja, to the Pandavas, and to all human society. Therefore if any particular name can be given to God, that name is "Krsna."

– The Science of Self Realization

Etymology of the word "krsna":

"'The word "krs" is the attractive feature of the Lord's existence, and "na" means spiritual pleasure. When the verb "krs" is added to the affix "na" it becomes Krsna, which indicates the Absolute Truth.'"

– Mahabharata (Udyoga parva, 71.4)
– [cited: Sri Caitanya caritamrta Madhya lila 9.30]

The etymology of the name "Krsna":

If we analyze the nirukti, or semantic derivation, of the word "Krsna," we find that na signifies that He stops the repetition of birth and death, and krs means sattartha, or "existence." (Krsna is the whole of existence.) Also, krs means "attraction," and na means ananda, or "bliss."

¯Srimad−Bhagavatam 10.8.15

The name "Krsna," meaning "all−attractive," can be applied only to God:

Srila Prabhupada: … Krsna means "all−attractive."B

Bob: Oh, I see.

Srila Prabhupada: Yes. God has no name, but by His qualities we give Him names. If a man is very beautiful, we call him "beautiful." If a man is very intelligent, we call him "wise." So the name is given according to the quality. Because God is all−attractive, the name Krsna can be applied only to Him. Krsna means "all−attractive." It includes everything.

– Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers

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