Chanting With Sambandha

Chanting With Sambandha
Sambandha means to be connected to Krishna. Chanting with sambandha means to chant with a feeling of a relationship to Krishna. It means to chant prayerfully, from the heart “Please accept me in your service.” Without a conscious connection,  chanting is just lip service. Krishna wants to see that we are connected, he wants heart-deep chanting. He can read our minds and knows where we are. If you chant and think “Oh, let me quickly finish this.” you are not praying “Please accept me in your service.” you are praying “Please release me from service.” that’s what you are actually saying and Krishna knows and feels it

Bhaktivinoda Thakura (Harinam-Cintamani, 3.25) offers three simple meditations for connected chanting:
1. I am not the body, I am in fact a soul and Krishna's eternal servant.
2. Krishna is the infinite conscious entity and my only master.
3. This material world is the prison meant to reform my absent-minded tendencies.

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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