The Power of the Holy Name

The Power of the Holy Name

Hare Krsna to all devotees.  Please accept our humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

The power of the Holy Name is legend.  Everyone knows how the Ram Setu was constructed by the Vanaras writing Rama's name on the rock.  The bridge was held afloat by the power of Rama's name.  There is a lesser known story on the power of Rama's name.  After the passing of Ravana, one of Vibhishana's attendants asked how the Vanaras were able to build the bridge and cross it.  Vibhishana explained that the power of the name of Rama is able to conquer all obstacles.  The attendant was skeptical and Vibhishana decided that a demonstration was in order.

He handed the attendant a folded up leaf with Rama's name on it and told him to cross the ocean.  The attendant may have been skeptical about Rama's name but he had faith in Vibhishana's words.  He took the leaf and started crossing the ocean which, to his surprise was only knee deep for him.  He kept walking until he reached the midway point.  Then out of curiosity, he opened the leaf and read Rama's name.  His skepticism returned.  How can such a simple name be so powerful as to make the ocean knee deep?  Unfortunately for him, the moment he doubted the power of Rama's name, the ocean swallowed him up.

What is the lesson in all this?  Not to just mechanically chant and write.  No.  One must have full faith that the Holy Name will help us cross the ocean of life and return us back to Godhead.  This name is our vehicle and connection to Krsna, but only if we use it in the right way: with full faith and devotion.

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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