Divine Name – The Best in Kali Yuga

Divine Name - The best in Kali Yuga

Hence, in the words of the Sastras, the performance of the chanting of the Holy Name is the only method of worship that is suitable to the people of the present Kali Yuga. Everything is attained by means of this Divine Dispensation. Recourse to the Name of the Lord is the sole efficacious method in this age, suitable for all kinds of people after God-realization. The other methods, though prescribed in the Sastras, are not effective in this Kali Yuga. One cannot get total deliverance from the influence of Maya in this age by any other form of worship. By this statement the Sastras do not denounce other methods. They have got their own place and utility. They can help humanity in attaining many other achievements. They can make one the richest man in the world, a great monarch, an eminent scholar, a leader over a vast number of people and an enjoyer of various luxuries. The realization of Transcendental Bliss or 'Prem' to the Supreme Godhead is unattainable by methods other than Sri Hari-Nama-Sankirtan in this dark age of Kali.

"O King! Though Kali, being a repository of all evils, is condemned as worse than all other ages, it possesses one great virtue not found in other ages, viz., in this age a person can attain freedom from worldly bondage and secure Supreme Bliss solely through Kirtan of Sri Krishna's Name (even if he does not pursue any other form of spiritual method).


by Raghava Chaitanya Das

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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