Divine Name – The Elixir of Life

Divine Name - The Elixir of Life

The Holy Name of Sri Hari is the only refuge for all types of persons, be he a follower of the path of Karma, Jnan, Yoga, Tapasya or Bhakti. For those practicing devotion or Bhakti, it is the most potential factor, the main source of inspiration. To devotees who have advanced in this path, it is the life of their lives, the most coveted object, the very pith and marrow of their existence.

The Divine Name has a unique position. It is both the means as well as the end. It is the greatest benefactor both before and after God-realization. It enables one to have the attainment of the Highest Goal, viz., Divine Love or Sri Krishna Prem, and It is also the manifestation of Sri Krishna Prem. Though we have often heard about the Holy Name, we know very little of Its Real Nature.


by Raghava Chaitanya Das

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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