Divine Name – The sole remedy for all ills

Divine Name - The sole remedy for all ills

In the age of Kali, Sri Krishna Manifests Himself as the Holy Name. The whole world is liberated by the chanting of this Holy Name. In the above Sloka Sri Hari's Name is repeated thrice for the purpose of emphasis. The use of the article 'Eva' in the verse is to convince those ignorant of the efficacy of Sri Hari-Nama by positive assertion. The idea is strengthened further by the addition of the word 'Kevala'. It informs us about the futility of the numerous existing methods of religious practices, such as knowledge, Yoga, austerities, Karma, etc., in this age of Kali. The word 'Nasti' by negative assertion, supported by the word 'Eva', has been repeated in the Sloka thrice to signify that the non-believers in the Holy Name will in no case attain salvation – never, never, never.


by Raghava Chaitanya Das

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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