How chanting is the best meditation

How chanting is the best meditation

Meditation essentially involves calming and silencing ourselves so that we can tune out the rustle-bustle of the world and tune in to life’s subtler, deeper realities, for example, nature’s serenity. The subtlest and deepest of all such realities is Krishna. He is our greatest well-wisher, wisest mentor and closest friend. And he resides at the very center of our being. The purpose and perfection of the inner journey of meditation is to connect with him.

Chanting provides divine sound as the swiftest and easiest expressway for this inner journey. Because activity is more natural for us than inactivity, the verbal activity of uttering the holy names is easier than silent meditation. The names of Krishna are non-different from him, as the Padma Purana asserts. Even if we don’t presently realize that non-difference, hearing his names attentively enables us to quickly become tuned to his presence. As we connect with him better, the more we relish his comforting grace, hear his guiding voice and gain strength for doing his auspicious will. By thus tuning us in to life’s supreme reality, chanting fulfills the ultimate purpose of meditation.

To conclude, by simultaneously enabling us to speak to Krishna and also to hear him speak, chanting functions as the best prayer and the best meditation. 

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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