The Glories of the Holy Names (Hare Krishna Mantra)

The Glories of the Holy Names

• Krishna and His name are non-different (Namo namino abhinatwa)

• The Lord’s name has descended from Goloka (Goloker premadhana harinaam sankitan)

• Invested with the Lord’s spiritual potency

• Purifies the heart and mind

• The chanting process is simple, sublime, and all-auspicious; even a child can take part

• Frees one from sinful reaction and material bondage;

• Chanting “Rama” gives the same result as chanting the 1000 names of Vishnu

• Chanting once “Krishna” has the same potency as 3x the 1000 names of Vishnu

• Also effective for someone who is not even aware of its potency

• Contains the benefits of all other Vedic rites; to be chanting is the same as having performed all the Vedic    processes of purification

• The means in this age for attaining pure love of God (Krishna-prema)

• Protects you from maya and falldowns (Bg 9.31p)

• Purifies the whole atmosphere

• Yields the same results as the processes of previous yugas

• Elevates one even from a low background

• The only possible process in this age: everything else is too difficult to execute (Bg 8.11p last para)

• Chanters are most attractive to Krishna

• All the Vedic knowledge is contained within the maha-mantra, the essence of the Vedas is to chant, and by chanting one realizes the meaning of the Vedas

• The ultimate means to attain the ultimate success

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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