Operation of the Senses and Liberation becomes Hellish

Operation of the Senses and Liberation becomes Hellish

kaivalyam narakayate tri-dasha-pur akasha-pushpayate
durdantendriya-kala-sarpa-patali protkhata-damshtrayate
vishvam purna-sukhayate vidhi-mahendradish ca kitayate
yat-karunya-kataksha-vaibhavavatam tam gauram eva stumah ( 5)

Verse 5: "For those most supremely fortunate souls who have even once attained the opulence of the most merciful and compassionate sidelong glance of Lord Gauranga and His Holy Name, impersonal liberation becomes as palatable as going to hell. The happiness of the heavenly planets of the demigods becomes as trivial and inconsequential as flowers imagined to be floating in the sky. The venomous and poisonous fangs of the untamable black snakes of the senses become extracted and uprooted, the whole world which is full of misery and suffering becomes full of supreme joy and the greatly exalted positions of Brahma, Indra and all the demigods become as insignificant as those of tiny insects. Let us therefore certainly and constantly glorify that most merciful Lord Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu and His Supreme Holy Name."

kashi-vasan api na ganaye kim gayam margayamo
muktih shuktibhavati yadi me kah parartha-prasangah
trasabhasah sphurati na maha-raurave’pi kva bhitih
stri-putradau yadi kripayate deva-devah sa gaurah

Verse 99: "If the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu and His Holy Name are causelessly merciful unto me then why should I consider the impersonalists of Varanasi to be very important and why should I go on a pilgrimage to Gaya to offer oblations to my ancestors? If Lord Gauranga and His Holy Name are merciful to me then my personal liberation does not hold as much weight as even a fraction of an ounce to me what to speak of the petty worldly achievements of religiosity, economic development and sense gratification, the three other secondary goals of life. If Lord Gauranga and His Holy Name are merciful upon me, I will not feel a glimpse of distress even if I have to go to the most horrible Maharaurava hell. If Lord Gauranga and His Holy Name are merciful unto me then I will have absolutely no fear and anxiety about the well-being of my wife, children, friends and relatives."

Shri Chaitanya Chandramrita

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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