Not acquainted with Lord Gauranga are doomed

Not acquainted with Lord Gauranga are doomed

Verse 43: Not acquainted with Lord Gauranga are doomed…

dhig astu kulam ujjvalam dhig api vagmitam dhig yasho
dhig adhyayanam akritim nava-vayah shriyam castu dhik
dvijatvam api dhik param vimalam ashramadyam ca dhik
na cet paricitah kalau prakata-gaura-gopi-patih (43)

Verse 43: “Condemned is his noble birth and high lineage! Doomed is his eloquence and artistic abilities! Pathetic is his fame and reputation! Denounced is his learning of the scriptures, his physical beauty and handsome youthfulness and his hard-earned wealth! Condemned is his advanced status as a brahmana and even his dutiful practices of discharging his occupational duties! Hopelessly condemned are all these people who even after taking birth in this rare Kali Yuga do not want to become acquainted with the golden Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Gopipati Gauranga Mahaprabhu and the chanting of His Holy Name and Pastimes.”

Verse 85: Never try to become God…

vrithavesham karmasv apanayata vartam api manak
na karnabhyarne’pi kvacana nayatadhyatma-saraneh
na moham dehadau bhajata paramashcarya-madhurah
pumarthanam maulir milati bhavatam gaura-kripaya (85)

Verse 85: “Please throw far away all useless material duties and activities and never ever indulge your mind in the dull gossip of this world. I beg you to kindly never allow even a single word of the monistic, impersonalistic and Advaitic theories of becoming one with God to ever enter your ears. Kindly reject all the illusions about your material body, family and about all the temporary paraphernalia in relation to them. Please take exclusive shelter of the causeless mercy emanating and flowing from Lord Gauranga and His Holy Name and thus attain pure love for the Divine Couple Shri Shri Radha and Krishna, which is the supreme crest-jewel of all human endeavors.”

Shri Chaitanya Chandramrita

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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