8th Offence

8th Offense

To Consider the Chanting of Hare krishna One of the Auspicious Ritualistic Activities Offered in the Vedas as Fruitive Activities.


What is the difference between chanting the holy name and pious activities? The holy name is directly krishna; the way and the goal are identical. The holy name is the process and simultaneously the goal; it is full of spiritual bliss and bestows highest perfection. As for ordinary pious activities such as altruistic work, fire sacrifice, yoga, purifying baths at holy places, varnasrama duties1, demigod worship, austerity, etc. the means (or the way) and the goal have to be distinguished. Such actions are solely material although they are good material activities and bring a good material goal. But how can they help to attain a spiritual goal? Chanting, on the other side, is already the goal: it is krishna Himself. One must definitely act in the mode of goodness to be elevated gradually but ultimately one gives up all material activites, good and bad, and acts only for krishna's pleasure. Chanting, however, is never to be given up not on the conditioned platform, nor in the liberated state.

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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