Bhakti starts with hearing

Bhakti starts with hearing

Dr. P. J. Saher: Will you please be so kind as to further elucidate your technique of that one chants the name of God and will you please be so kind as to elucidate further in some particular way or what comes (German) what should be done in relation to that or how it is, how it is formulated in that, in that total, in that complete system of your reverent teachings?

Prabhupada: Yes. This is the bhakti-marga, means, the first thing is sravanam, hearing. Just like these books are being written to give chance people to hear. That is first business. If we don't hear about God we simply imagine something. No. We must hear about God. We are publishing eighty books like this, simply to hear about God. Then when you hear perfectly then you can describe to others. That is called kirtanam. Sravanam, kirtanam.And when the process goes on hearing and chanting or describing, kirtanam means describing. Just like our, this whole society is hearing from these books and they're going out to describe. This is called kirtana. Then by these two process, hearing and chanting, you remember, smaranam. That means remembering, you always associate with God.

Dr. P. J. Saher: So at all times, "Remember Me."

Prabhupada: Yes. Yes. Sravanamkirtanamvisnohsmaranampada-sevanam [SB 7.5.23]. Then worshiping the Deity, to offer flowers to the lotus feet of the Lord, to garland, to dress, pada-sevanam, arcanamvandanam, offer prayer, dasyam, serve. In this way, there are nine different processes.

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