Affection-means fond feelings, devotion and love.

The goal of chanting Hare Krsna is to chant suddha-nama-the pure name enriched with krsna-prema and the presence of the Lord.

May the following prayer awaken our love for beautiful Krsna standing before as Sri NamaPrabhu: O Krsna! May I chant Your holy names with heartfelt emotion. When will I become charmed by the ambrosia of Your names and start chanting from the heart? O Krsna! Please help me to chant with sincere feelings of affection for You, for Radhika, and for Your holy names. Please show me the way to chant with genuine affection ripening in pure love.”OKrsna! Please attract my mind and heart to Your holy names. May I chant with full attention. And may I quickly become absorbed in the nectarean taste of Your names. May the sweet charm of Your names drive out all distractions and fully enchant my heart. Please give me strong attachment to Your wonderful names. Please be merciful to me, and help me rise to the platform of genuine affection and pure love for You.”These are the five As in chanting Hare Krsna.

kabeha’be bolo se-dinaamar,
aparddhaghuci’, suddha name ruci,
krpa-bale ha’behrdoyesancar

“Please tell me, when oh when will that day be mine? My offenses will come to an end, and a taste for the pure holy name will be infused within my heart by the power of divine grace.” (saranagati)

prati-dinajadi, adarakoriya,
se namakirtanakorisitapalajeno,
nasi’ roga-mula, krameswaduhoya, hari!

If I sing that holy name of Yours aloud every day with warm affection, then as sugar candy taken medicinally destroys the very disease which makes it taste bitter (jaundice), so Your holy name, O Lord Hari, will cure my spiritual disease and allow me to gradually taste Your sweetness, (saranagati)

Author: ISKCON Desire Tree

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